Awesome Django star8527 Repository mirror of GitLab: This repository is not monitored for issues, use original at Gi ...
Django Suit star1964 Modern theme for Django admin interface
Simpleui star1468 A modern theme based on vue+element-ui for django admin.一款基于vue+element-ui的django admin现代化主题。全球3000+网站都 ...
Django Polymorphic star956 Improved Django model inheritance with automatic downcasting
Awesome Django Cn star929 Django 优秀资源大全。
Django Admin Bootstrap star729 Responsive Theme for Django Admin With Sidebar Menu
Django Pagedown star463 A django app that allows the easy addition of Stack Overflow's "PageDown" markdown editor to a django form field, whether in a custom a ...
Django Ordered Model star420 Get your Django models in order
Django Flat Theme star412 A flat theme for Django admin interface. Modern, fresh, simple.
Django Nested Admin star367 Django admin classes that allow for nested inlines
Awesome Django star367 The Best Django Resource, Awesome Django for mature packages.
Django Cruds Adminlte star338 django-cruds is simple drop-in django app that creates CRUD for faster prototyping
Django Map Widgets star335 Pluggable map widgets for Django Postgis fields
Django Object Actions star313 A Django app for easily adding object tools in the Django admin
Django Page Cms star273 Official Django page CMS git repository
Django Flat Responsive star249 ? An extension for Django admin that makes interface mobile-friendly. Merged into Django 2.0
Django Wpadmin star247 WordPress look and feel for Django administration panel
Awesome Django Admin star245 Curated List of Awesome Django Admin Panel Articles, Libraries/Packages, Books, Themes, Videos, Resources.
Django Fluent Dashboard star242 An improved django-admin-tools dashboard for Django projects
Djangocms Admin Style star233 django CMS Admin Style is a Django Theme tailored to the needs of django CMS.
Django Practice Book star226 《Django企业开发实战》已出版
Django Admin Easy star221 Collection of admin fields and decorators to help to create computed or custom fields more friendly and easy way
Django Mptt Admin star218 Django-mptt-admin provides a nice Django Admin interface for Mptt models
Django Admin List Filter Dropdown star175 Use dropdowns in Django admin list filter
Django Admin Env Notice star172 Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin
Django Inline Actions star144 django-inline-actions adds actions to each row of the ModelAdmin or InlineModelAdmin.
Django Fluent Contents star143 A widget engine to display various content on Django pages
Django Polymorphic Tree star137 Polymorphic MPTT tree support for models
Repoll star128 Redis管理平台Repoll,现已开源,基于redis3.x,支持单机、哨兵以及集群模式
Django Subadmin star115 A special kind of ModelAdmin that allows it to be nested within another ModelAdmin
Django Business Logic star104 Visual DSL framework for django
Django Fluent Pages star102 A flexible, scalable CMS with custom node types, and flexible block content.
Django Material Admin star99 Material design for django administration
Django Admin Material star76 A Django Admin interface based on Material Design by Google
Django Admin Relation Links star71 An easy way to add links to relations in the Django Admin site.
Django Admin Numeric Filter star28 Numeric filters for Django admin
Django Suit Daterange Filter star13 Filter for django-admin allowing lookups by date range
Requery star12 Store e run queries on database to help system manager of a Django website
Django Oml star12 Object Moderation Layer