Lucee star628 Lucee Server is a dynamic, Java based (JSR-223), tag and scripting language used for rapid web application development. Lucee simplifi ...
Fw1 star376 FW/1 - Framework One - is a lightweight, convention over configuration, MVC application framework for ColdFusion / CFML.
Muracms star266 Mura | Digital Experience Platform | Headless CMS
Taffy star213 ? The REST Web Service framework for ColdFusion and Lucee
Coldbox Platform star206 A modern, fluent and conventions based HMVC framework for ColdFusion (CFML)
Cfwheels star186 An open source ColdFusion framework inspired by Ruby on Rails.
Bugloghq star149 BugLogHQ is a tool to centralize the handling of automated bug reports from multiple applications. BugLogHQ provides a unified view of ...
Cflint star143 Static code analysis for CFML (a linter)
Cfdocs star141 Repository for the site.
Razuna star133 This is the source code for the famous open source digital asset management - Razuna
Slatwall star130 Slatwall - An Open Source Commerce Platform
Hoth star126 Exception tracking for ColdFusion.
Di1 star110 DI/1 - Inject One - is a very lightweight, convention over configuration, dependency injection (inversion of control) framework for Col ...
Cfstatic star103 CfStatic is a framework for managing the inclusion and packaging of CSS and JavaScript in CFML applications.
Mach Ii Framework star90 Mach-II is a web-application framework focused on easing software development and maintenance.
Mxunit star89 MXUnit core framework
Facebook Cf Sdk star84 Facebook CFML SDK for ColdFusion and Railo
Cfselenium star77 A native Selenium WebDriver binding for ColdFusion
Xindi star70 Xindi is a lightweight CFML content management system ideally suited to smaller websites.
Validatethis star45 An object oriented validation framework for ColdFusion objects
Colddoc star44 ColdDoc is a tool that has been built to generate documentation based on ColdFusion Component Meta Data.
Stripe Cfml star42 stripe-cfml is a CFML (Lucee and ColdFusion) library for interacting with the Stripe API.
Fusebox Coldfusion star41 Fusebox is a free, easy to use framework for web development that organizes your code for fewer development bugs and faster maintenance ...
Vagrant Lemtl star41 Vagrant box with Linux, Nginx, MariaDB (or MySQL), Tomcat, and Lucee for local development with CFML and Java
Poiutility.cfc star36 A ColdFusion component (and set of custom tags) for reading and writing XLS (Excel) documents in ColdFusion.
Varscoper star30 varScoper is a code scanning tool that can be used to identify variables that are not explicitly scoped to be local or global to a Cold ...
Cfbackport star27 Back porting features contained in newer versions of ColdFusion.
Lucee Aws star24 Lucee extension to provide simpler access to common AWS commands through the AWS SDK
Openbd Administrator star14 The browser based administrator for the Open BlueDragon CFML engine.
Tinytest star13 A tiny unit testing framework built as a means to learn more about unit testing in ColdFusion.
Combine star10 Serves Combined & compressed js & css with caching, using ColdFusion
Cfmlstats star10 Parses your CFML code base and gives you stats
Mobilemura star9 MobileMura is a plugin that adds advanced mobile features to Mura CMS.
Introtogit star9 Intro to Git presentation materials
Forecastcfml star8 a cfml wrapper for api
Cfeosocial star8 cfeoSocial is a set of gateways/test pages to integrate with Social Media APIs (Google,LinkedIn,Facebook).
Db Dot Cfc star5 Enhances cfquery by analyzing SQL to enforce security & framework conventions.