Debug_kit star856 Debug Toolbar for CakePHP applications.
Users star469 Users Plugin for CakePHP
Asset_compress star363 An asset compression plugin for CakePHP. Provides file concatenation and a flexible filter system for preprocessing and minification.
Cakepdf star342 CakePHP plugin for creating and/or rendering PDFs, supporting several popular PDF engines.
Crud star331 Production-grade rapid controller development with built in love for API and Search
Cakephp Tools star310 A CakePHP Tools plugin containing lots of useful helpers, behaviors, components, shells, ...
Bootstrap Ui star278 CakePHP: Transparently use Bootstrap
Cakephp Csvview star165 CakePHP: A view class for generating CSV
Cakephp Jwt Auth star144 A CakePHP plugin for authenticating using JSON Web Tokens
Cakephp Imagine Plugin star138 CakePHP wrapper for the powerful Imagine image processing library. Makes images manipulation easy and powerful.
Search star138 CakePHP: Easy model searching
Cakephp Ide Helper star120 IDE Helper plugin for CakePHP
Cakephp Proffer star119 An upload plugin for CakePHP 3
Acl star106 Plugin for managing ACL in CakePHP applications.
Migrations star103 CakePHP database migrations plugin
Cakephp Tinyauth star103 CakePHP TinyAuth plugin for an easy and fast user authentication and authorization. Single or multi role. DB or config file based.
Cakephp Hybridauth star81 CakePHP plugin for HybridAuth
Webservice star77 Bringing the power of the CakePHP ORM to your favourite webservices
Footprint star75 CakePHP plugin to allow passing currently logged in user to model layer.
Aclmanager star61 Plugin to manage Acl for CakePHP 2.x
Flypie star35 Flysystem plugin for CakePHP
Slug star32 Slugging for CakePHP