Easytransaction star2055 A distribute transaction solution(分布式事务) unified the usage of TCC , SAGA ,FMT (seata/fescar AutoCompensation), reliable ...
Kingtv star1540 ? 高仿全民直播(全民TV),项目采用 MVP + RXJava + Retrofit + OKHttp + Material Design + Dagger2 + Base + Glide + GreenDa ...
Boilerform star659 Boilerform is a little HTML and CSS boilerplate to take the pain away from working with forms.
Awaker star510 article app for android
Protolude star352 A sensible starting Prelude template.
Yzsbaseactivity star283 BaseActivity的框架,各种方便使用,欢迎star,给你惊喜
Base star248 ? Base是针对于Android开发封装好一些常用的基类,主要包括通用的Adapter、Activity、Fragment、Dialog等、和一 ...
Rails Api Base star183 Rails 5 RESTful api template
Androidbasemvp star171 ...
Base star165 YASCMF 基础开发版(YASCMF/BASE)
Base X star161 Encode/decode any base
Libchef star145 ? c++ standalone header-only basic library. || c++头文件实现无第三方依赖基础库
Base star139 Base is a lightweight library that gives you a clean architecture foundation for your Android MVP's
F Admin star124 f-admin是一套基于Laravel框架开发的基础权限后台系统
Swift Project Template star121 Script to easily create an iOS project base code!
Universum star113 ? Prelude written in @Serokell
New Empty Python Project Base star56 The Perfect Python Project Template. Bored of coding anew the same thing for your new Python projects? Here is what you need. Click bel ...
0xc star40 Easy base conversion in emacs
Basepro star36 使用MVPArms框架搭建的一个基类工程,便于日常项目开发。
System star21 Development repository for the "system" Chef cookbook
Fsfirestore star18 Functional F# library to access Firestore database hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Firebase.