Efcore star9085 EF Core is a modern object-database mapper for .NET. It supports LINQ queries, change tracking, updates, and schema migrations.
Mvc star5741 [Archived] ASP.NET Core MVC is a model view controller framework for building dynamic web sites with clean separation of concerns, incl ...
Javascriptservices star3140 [Archived] This repository has been archived
Kestrelhttpserver star2612 [Archived] A cross platform web server for ASP.NET Core. Project moved to
Signalr star2410 [Archived] Incredibly simple real-time web for ASP.NET Core. Project moved to
Identity star1900 [Archived] ASP.NET Core Identity is the membership system for building ASP.NET Core web applications, including membership, login, and ...
Extensions star1771 .NET APIs for commonly used programming patterns and utilities, such as dependency injection, logging, and configuration.
Musicstore star1345 [Archived] MusicStore test application that uses ASP.NET/EF Core. Project moved to
Security star1183 [Archived] Middleware for security and authorization of web apps. Project moved to
Razor star879 [Archived] Parser and code generator for CSHTML files used in view pages for MVC web apps. Project moved to ...
Dependencyinjection star843 [Archived] Contains common DI abstractions that ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core use. Project moved to ...
Aspnet Docker star750 [Archived] ASP.NET Core Docker images for 1.x. Go to for 2.1 and up.
Webhooks star611 [Archived] Libraries to create and consume web hooks on ASP.NET Core. Project moved to
Hosting star556 [Archived] Code for hosting and starting up an ASP.NET Core application. Project moved to and http ...
Logging star508 [Archived] Common logging abstractions and a few implementations. Project moved to
Entropy star486 A chaotic experimental playground for new features and ideas - check here for small and simple samples for individual features.
Caching star471 [Archived] Libraries for in-memory caching and distributed caching. Project moved to
Dotnettools star447 [Archived] Various .NET command line tools. Project moved to
Httpabstractions star378 [Archived] HTTP abstractions such as HttpRequest, HttpResponse, and HttpContext, as well as common web utilities. Project moved to http ...
Websockets star364 [Archived] Implementation of the WebSocket protocol, along with client and server integration components. star346 [Archived] SQLite implementations of the System.Data.Common interfaces. Project has moved to ...
Configuration star315 [Archived] Interfaces and providers for accessing configuration files. Project moved to
Routing star276 [Archived] Middleware for routing requests to application logic. Project moved to
Diagnostics star209 [Archived] Diagnostics middleware for reporting info and handling exceptions and errors in ASP.NET Core, and diagnosing Entity Framewor ...
Templating star206 [Archived] ASP.NET Core templates for .NET CLI and Visual Studio. Project moved to
Jquery Validation Unobtrusive star195 Add-on to jQuery Validation to enable unobtrusive validation options in data-* attributes.
Filesystem star174 [Archived] Abstraction of file system APIs. Project moved to
Metapackages star173 [Archived] NuGet meta packages. Project moved to
Basicmiddleware star170 [Archived] Basic middleware components for ASP.NET Core. Project moved to
Universe star161 [Archived] Repo for building the entire ASP.NET and Entity Framework stack. Project moved to
Localization star156 [Archived] Localization abstractions and implementations for ASP.NET Core applications. Project moved to ...
Options star147 [Archived] A framework for accessing and configuring POCO settings. Project moved to
Iisintegration star141 [Archived] ASP.NET Core IIS integration. Project has moved to
Dataprotection star127 [Archived] Data Protection APIs for protecting and unprotecting data. Project moved to
Session star117 [Archived] Session state middleware for ASP.NET Core. Project moved to
Jquery Ajax Unobtrusive star111 Add-on to jQuery Ajax to enable unobtrusive options in data-* attributes.
Staticfiles star109 [Archived] Middleware for handling requests for file system resources including files and directories. Project moved to https://github. ...
Httpsysserver star106 [Archived] A web server for ASP.NET Core based on the Windows Http Server API. Project moved to
Jsonpatch star101 [Archived] JSON PATCH library. Project moved to
Cors star86 [Archived] Implementations of common CORS policy and CORS middleware. Project moved to
Cronscheduler.aspnetcore star58 Cron Scheduler for AspNetCore 2.x/3.x or DotNetCore 2.x/3.x Self-hosted
Htmlabstractions star27 [Archived] HTML abstractions used for building HTML content. Project moved to