Csla star759 A home for your business logic in any .NET application.
Guides star629 Article back-end for hack.guides() website
X.pagedlist star578 Library for easily paging through any IEnumerable/IQueryable in ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core
React Aspnet Boilerplate star285 A starting point for building isomorphic React applications with ASP.NET Core, leveraging existing techniques.
Reinforced.typings star273 Converts C# classes to TypeScript interfaces (and many more) within project build. 0-dependency, minimal, gluten-free
Mvcthrottle star200 ASP.NET MVC Throttling filter
Mvc5.template star183 ASP.NET MVC 5 project starter template
Routemagic star177 Utility Library to get the most out of ASP.NET Routing.
Grid.blazor star175 Grid component with CRUD for Blazor (client-side and server-side) and ASP.NET Core MVC
Aspnetsaml star145 Very simple SAML 2.0 consumer module for ASP.NET/C#
Nbcz_admin star141 MVC5 + Dapper + layUI/easyUI 通用权限管理系统、权限框架、信息管理系统基础框架
Mvc5.grid star133 Grid controls for ASP.NET MVC 5 projects
Mims star124 Graduation project named medicine information management system. using mvc4 + easyUI + Dapper
Active Directory Dotnet Daemon star106 A Windows console application that calls a web API using its app identity (instead of a user's identity) to get access tokens in an una ...
Xclcms star102 XCLCMS is a lightweight CMS (content management system) background management system, Developed using MVC, it provides a simple ...
Puck Core star93 Open source, cross platform .NET Core CMS. Fast, scalable, code-first, unobtrusive and extensible with powerful querying and Lucene int ...
Adminlte Asp Net Mvc star90 Asp.Net Example Version of Beautiful AdminLTE Template
Active Directory Dotnet Native Desktop star83 A .NET 4.5 WPF application that authenticates a user and calls web API using Azure AD and OAuth 2.0 access tokens.
Recaptcha.aspnetcore star83 Google reCAPTCHA v2/v3 for .NET Core 3.x
Aspnetcorehybridflowwithapi star83 ASP.NET Core MVC application using API, OpenID Connect Hybrid flow , second API, Code Flow with PKCE
Active Directory Dotnet Webapi Manual Jwt Validation star82 How to manually process a JWT access token in a web API using the JSON Web Token Handler For the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.
Dotnetpaging star70 Data paging with ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core
Accesscontrolhelper star64 AccessControlHelper for mvc and core, strategy based authorization
Clinicmanagement star53 Clinic management project using mvc5 star50 Examples for ASP.NET Core webservices
Decision star49 Simple Decision System
Lib.web.mvc star41 Lib.Web.Mvc is a library which contains some helper classes for ASP.NET MVC such as strongly typed jqGrid helper, attribute and helper ...
Aspnetmvcactivedirectoryowin star41 ASP.Net MVC with Active Directory Authentication using Owin Middleware
Aspnetmvc Action Checker star39 Drop in ASP.NET MVC Controller and Action that displays any actions that modify resources (HTTP POST, PUT, DELETE, and PATCH) that do n ...
Onion Architecture star17 Onion Architecture Sample Application