Akka star10873 Build highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM
Thingsboard star5700 Open-source IoT Platform - Device management, data collection, processing and visualization.
Akka.net star3577 Port of Akka actors for .NET
Protoactor Go star3177 Proto Actor - Ultra fast distributed actors for Go, C# and Java/Kotlin
Lagom star2412 Reactive Microservices for the JVM
Better Files star1342 Simple, safe and intuitive Scala I/O
Squbs star1335 Akka Streams & Akka HTTP for Large-Scale Production Deployments
Alpakka Kafka star1241 Alpakka Kafka connector - Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Alpakka star1106 Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Akka Http star1064 The Streaming-first HTTP server/module of Akka
Utils4s star1036 scala、spark使用过程中,各种测试用例以及相关资料整理
Protoactor Dotnet star945 Proto Actor - Ultra fast distributed actors for Go, C# and Java/Kotlin
Parallec star761 Fast Parallel Async HTTP/SSH/TCP/UDP/Ping Client Java Library. Aggregate 100,000 APIs & send anywhere in 20 lines of code. Ping/HTTP Ca ...
Gearpump star736 Lightweight real-time big data streaming engine over Akka
Nact star696 nact ⇒ node.js + actors ⇒ your services have never been so µ
Akka Essentials star693 Java/Scala Examples from the book - Akka Essentials
Akka Samples star613 Akka Sample Projects
Cloudstate star557 Distributed State Management for Serverless
Akka Http Json star514 Integrate some of the best JSON libs in Scala with Akka HTTP
Akkadotnet Code Samples star435 Akka.NET professional reference code samples
Akka Http Session star421 Web & mobile client-side akka-http sessions, with optional JWT support
Ddd Leaven Akka V2 star349 Sample e-commerce system #Microservices #Akka #Reactive-DDD #CQRS
Scala Kafka Client star344 Scala helper modules for operating the Apache Kafka client library (0.9.x - 2.1.0)
Akkatecture star330 a cqrs and event sourcing framework for dotnet core using akka.net
Fun Cqrs star321 Fun.CQRS is a Scala CQRS/ES framework. It provides the basic blocks to build event driven aggregates with Event Sourcing.
Akka Grpc star319 Akka gRPC
Akka Ddd star316 Akka CQRS/ES framework
Akka Persistence Cassandra star297 A replicated Akka Persistence journal backed by Apache Cassandra
Robots star296 Actor system for Rust
Khipu star292 An enterprise blockchain platform based on Ethereum
Aecor star279 Pure functional event sourcing runtime
Boilerplay star272 Using the latest technology in the Scala ecosystem, Boilerplay is a reactive web application built on Play Framework, ScalaJS, Silhouet ...
Flower star255 反应式微服务框架Flower
Reactive star230 Reactive: Examples of the most famous reactive libraries that you can find in the market.
Akka Rabbitmq star225 RabbitMq client in Scala and Akka actors
Akka Kryo Serialization star224 Kryo-based serialization for Akka
Kmq star222 Kafka-based message queue
Constructr star219 Coordinated (etcd, ...) cluster construction for dynamic (cloud, containers) environments
Every Single Day I Tldr star218 A daily digest of the articles or videos I've found interesting, that I want to share with you.
Akka Management star204 Akka Management is a suite of tools for operating Akka Clusters.
Cloudflow star198 Cloudflow enables users to quickly develop, orchestrate, and operate distributed streaming applications on Kubernetes.
Kafka With Akka Streams Kafka Streams Tutorial star191 Code samples for the Lightbend tutorial on writing microservices with Akka Streams, Kafka Streams, and Kafka
Cookim star188 Distributed web chat application base websocket built on akka.
Jvm Bloggers star177 JVM Bloggers - website and newsletter with JVM blogs from Poland
Akka Stream Contrib star168 Add-ons to Akka Stream
Otoroshi star162 Lightweight api management on top of a modern http reverse proxy
Lighthouse star157 Lighthouse - a simple service discovery platform for Akka.Cluster (Akka.NET)
Safe Chat star146 IRC-style chat demo featuring full-stack F#, Akka.Streams, Akkling, Fable, Elmish, Websockets and .NET Core
Justindb star142 ⚛️ JustinDB is a highly available globally distributed key-value data store.
Tacks star134 Real-time multiplayer sailing game, in your browser
Wookiee star129 Scala based lightweight service framework using akka and other popular technologies.
Lithium star126 Lithium - A split-brain resolver for Akka-Cluster
Reactive Turtle star122 Scala and Akka for kids. A Functional Programming approach for the well known LOGO.
Akka Serial star121 Reactive serial communication library for Akka and Scala.
Actors star119 Evaluation of API and performance of different actor libraries
Akka Persistence Sql Async star110 A journal and snapshot store plugin for akka-persistence using RDBMS.
Zio Akka Cluster star107 ZIO wrapper for Akka Cluster
Chanamq star103 Open source AMQP messaging broker based on Akka
Akka Reasonable Downing star103 Quorum split brain resolver for static akka cluster
Akka Batteries star102 Utilities for Akka cluster in production
Kebs star101 Scala library to eliminate boilerplate
Akka Monitoring star99 Monitoring system instrumentation for Akka.NET actor systems
Play Community star97 一个基于 Play Framework 开发的开源社区系统。
Akka Persistence Mongo star94 Implementation of akka-persistence storage plugins for mongodb
Travesty star83 Diagram- and graph-generating library for Akka Streams
Swagger Akka Http Sample star77 Sample demonstrating use of swagger-akka-http
Mmo Server star72 分布式 游戏服务器,数据缓存,akka,springboot
Eventstore.akka.persistence star71 Event Store Journal for Akka Persistence
Clickhouse Scala Client star67 Clickhouse Scala Client with Reactive Streams support
Failurewall star64 Destroys failures.
Akka Tools star60 Open source tools to simplify Akka event sourcing, journaling/persistence, serialization, clustering and sharding.
Jersey2 Akka Java star51 An example async Java REST API using Jersey 2 and Akka
Akka Typed Session star47 add-on to Akka Typed that tracks effects for use with Session Types
Akka Wamp star44 WAMP - Web Application Messaging Protocol implementation written with Akka
Nsdb star44 Natural Series Database
Psf Loginserver star41 Emulated PlanetSide 1 world and login server by the PSForever project.
Akka Trading star38 Scala Backtesting + Oanda REST API Trading Framework built on top of Akka/Spray
Constructr Consul star32 This library enables to use Consul as cluster coordinator in a ConstructR based node
Toketi Iothubreact star32 Akka Stream library for Azure IoT Hub
Akkeeper star32 An easy way to deploy your Akka services to a distributed environment.
Spark As Service Using Embedded Server star30 This application comes as Spark2.1-as-Service-Provider using an embedded, Reactive-Streams-based, fully asynchronous HTTP server
Heimdallr star30 Heimdallr, a Large-scale chat application server based on Redis Pubsub and Akka's actor model.
Reactive Serial star24 Reactive Streams API for Serial Communication
Scale star24 Another example of a REST API with Akka HTTP
Lagom Example star20 Example usage of the Lagom Framework for writing Java-based microservices
Es Cqrs Shopping Cart star16 A resilient and scalable shopping cart system designed using Event Sourcing (ES) and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)