Aframe star11440 ?️ web framework for building virtual reality experiences.
Awesome Aframe star1294 [DISCONTINUED] Collection of awesome resources for the A-Frame WebVR framework.
Aframe React star1122 :atom: Build virtual reality experiences with A-Frame and React.
Superframe star916 ? A super collection of A-Frame components.
Networked Aframe star710 A web framework for building multi-user virtual reality experiences.
Aframe Extras star628 Add-ons and helpers for A-Frame VR.
Hubs star608 Duck-themed multi-user virtual spaces in WebVR. Built with A-Frame.
A Painter star492 ? Paint in VR in your browser.
Aframe Inspector star424 ? Visual inspector tool for A-Frame. Hit * + + i* on any A-Frame scene.
Ideaspace star301 ? Create interactive 3D and VR web experiences for desktop, mobile & VR devices
Aframe Physics System star299 Physics system for A-Frame VR, built on CANNON.js.
3dio Js star238 JavaScript toolkit for interior apps
Moonrider star169 ??? Surf the musical road among the stars.
Aframe Effects star167 A VR Ready Post processing framework for Three.js and/or A-Frame
Altspacesdk star152 Software Development Kit for AltspaceVR
Aframe Leap Hands star151 A-Frame VR component for Leap Motion.
Aframe Particle System Component star126 Particle systems for A-Frame.
Thehallaframe star117 WebVR demo that displays art
Beat Pose star115 Play a Beat Saber clone with hand movements using Tensorflow.js & PoseNet
Ar Alphabets star85 Augmented Reality on Web (Web AR) for Kids to learn Alphabets with fun. AR on all Mobile Devices
Aframe School star82 ? Interactive workshop and lessons for learning A-Frame and WebVR.
3d Force Graph Vr star82 3D force-directed graph component in VR
Aframe Site star78 ?️ Official A-Frame site.
A Mmd star74 A-Frame MMD component
Mathworldvr star72 Math world in WebVR, powered by A-frame.
Aframe Vimeo Component star49 Stream Vimeo videos into WebVR.
Aframe Forcegraph Component star48 Force-directed graph component for A-Frame
Web Ar Experiment star48 Experimenting with WebAR
Aframe Camera Transform Controls Component star45 Camera transform controls component for A-Frame
Webxr Webpack Boilerplate star42 Starter Kit for building rich, immersive WebXR projects (featuring A-Frame) PWA with Webpack and SASS
Aframe Phantomjs Continuous Streaming star37 Browse the web in VR by live streaming a web page into Aframe using PhantomJS and ffmpeg.
Aframe Terrain Model Component star34 Create terrain for A-Frame scenes with data!
Aframe Preloader Component star23 A preloading bar that automatically displays while scene assets load.
Js13k 2017 star23 ?️ Vernissage !
Aframe Persist Component star10 Persisting Aframe attribute data using localStorage