Quasar star3954 Fibers, Channels and Actors for the JVM
Protoactor Go star3177 Proto Actor - Ultra fast distributed actors for Go, C# and Java/Kotlin
Actor Framework star2288 An Open Source Implementation of the Actor Model in C++
Orbit star1454 Orbit - Virtual actor framework for building distributed systems
Protoactor Dotnet star945 Proto Actor - Ultra fast distributed actors for Go, C# and Java/Kotlin
Pulsar star870 Fibers, Channels and Actors for Clojure
Akka Bootcamp star829 Self-paced training course to learn Akka.NET fundamentals from scratch
Nact star696 nact ⇒ node.js + actors ⇒ your services have never been so µ
Akka Essentials star693 Java/Scala Examples from the book - Akka Essentials
Imdbpy star656 IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people, characters and compa ...
Riker star539 Easily build efficient, highly concurrent and resilient applications. An Actor Framework for Rust.
Akkadotnet Code Samples star435 Akka.NET professional reference code samples
Hopac star434
Comedy star407 Node.js actor framework.
Orleankka star400 Functional API for Microsoft Orleans
Anahita star346 Anahita is a platform and framework for developing open science and knowledge sharing applications on a social networking foundation.
Coyote star344 A set of libraries and tools for building reliable asynchronous software.
Akkatecture star330 a cqrs and event sourcing framework for dotnet core using
Kontraktor star328 distributed Actors for Java 8 / JavaScript
Robots star296 Actor system for Rust
Actors.unity star277 The Entity Component System framework for Unity. Ease the pain of decoupling data from behaviors
Calvin Base star276 Calvin is an application environment that lets things talk to things, among other things.
Core star268 CQRS-DDD-Actor framework for Node.js
Coerce Rs star215 Coerce - an asynchronous (async/await) Actor runtime for Rust
Gosiris star194 An actor framework for Go
Thespian star191 Python Actor concurrency library
Vlingo Actors star185 The vlingo/PLATFORM type safe Actor Model toolkit for reactive concurrency and resiliency using Java and other JVM languages.
Mode star158 Python AsyncIO Services
Tacks star134 Real-time multiplayer sailing game, in your browser
Floyd star129 The Floyd programming language
Actors star119 Evaluation of API and performance of different actor libraries
Libmodule star115 C simple and elegant implementation of an actor library
Akka Monitoring star99 Monitoring system instrumentation for Akka.NET actor systems
Pachyderm star88 Virtual actors for elixir
So 5 5 star85 SObjectizer: it's all about in-process message dispatching!
Sobjectizer star84 An implementation of Actor, Publish-Subscribe, and CSP models in one rather small C++ framework. With performance, quality, and stabili ...
Actix Remote star78 Distributed actors for actix framework.
Ractor star57 Redis based distributed actors + Dead simple API for distributed POCOs persistence
Erlangen star55 Distributed, asychronous message passing system for Clozure Common Lisp
Actor4j Core star37 Actor4j is an actor-oriented Java framework. Useful for building lightweighted microservices (these are the actors themselves or groups ...
Tarant star25 Reactive, actor based framework that can be used in client and server side.
Mruby Actor star11 A actor library for distributed mruby